Leo is a RegTech software with unique combination of technology and compliance know-how to empower compliance professionals with streamlined and automated report and task generation.

We’ve created tools for compliance monitoring, GDPR framework, employee attestations, secure documents transfer, integrated online training, and more.

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Leo is a RegTech system designed to save over 40% of compliance administration time. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources by automating the manual elements of the reporting process. It lessens the room for subjectivity, reduces the possibility of errors and increases management oversight.

Leo offers automated report text generation using Process Automation which ensures consistency in language and terminology regardless of who is filing the report. It also gives the ability to standardise, so any deficiencies or concerns are flagged within a report.

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Automatically syncs with Outlook calendar ensuring you don’t miss any deadlines.


Fill out the risk assessment to match the content and frequency of your obligations to your compliance programme.

Our solutions

Leo has a large content library of report templates pre-programmed, yet we can also customise the report content to your firm’s needs. The interface and final report produced within the software can be customised with your branding and logo to mirror your current report structure.

Leo for Regulated Firms

Leo organises and streamlines an individual FCA regulated firm’s compliance processes in one centralised location. It can automate many of your routine daily tasks, allowing you to focus more proactively on the business opportunities and regulatory advances that lie ahead.

Leo for Principal Firms

Leo structures the compliance and reporting functions of Principle firms, so you can keep on top of your ARs reporting requirements, activities and deadlines.

Leo for GDPR

Leo can help structure your GDPR (and UK equivalent) Policies and procedures – invaluable for all firms who hold data on UK or EU citizens. Leo’s registers and automatic report generation adds structure to your GDPR process and allows you to react quickly to any Data Subject requests that come your way.

Leo for Compliance Consultancies

Benefit from Leo’s time-saving abilities and structure your client’s compliance workflow in one easy location. Leo’s uniform pre-made templates can also help structure and reduce your email correspondence with clients.

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