Leo for Employee Declaration

Leo assists the FCA regulated firms to capture and manage employees’ declarations.

This solution is used by Compliance Officers and HR teams to administer attestations, online training, new joiner questionnaires and employee-centred processes. Employees have direct access to, amongst others, the PA Dealing module and dynamic Gifts Register to submit information to the relevant departments in a seamless workflow.

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What's Included


  • Attestations
  • Online Training
  • New Joiner Declarations
  • PA Dealing​​
  • Compliance Manual and Policies Repository
  • Registers
  • Calendar
  • GDPR


  • Automate the new joiners’ workflow.
  • Bulk assign employee attestations on regular basis.
  • Centralise your compliance documentation.
  • Automatic reminders are sent to staff when a task is due.
  • Online training with 150+ CPD courses to choose from