Compliance Software

Leap forward with Smart RegTech

Comply with the FCA-Handbook, AMF regulations (among others AIFMD, MiFID, AMLD), GDPR or tailor the software to match your own compliance needs.


Consolidate your systems and controls

Create reports through templated questionnaires for compliance monitoring, money laundering, employee attestations, and more.

Capture compliance data via Leo’s dynamic registers: link data to your reports, trigger notifications, add smart rules and even deliver online training!

Utilise Leo’s document exchange to securely transfer and store documents within one centralised compliance platform.

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Risk Control

Based on the FCA Handbook or AMF regulations, generate red flags, concerns and observations within Leo reports.


Record keep with assurance as Leo tracks any new or modified entries. Get notifications and see time stamps, so you can be confident nothing is missed.

Key Benefits


Tailor any modules, templates, registers, or monitoring plans to suit your regulatory needs regardless of jurisdiction.


Customisable permissions profiles to allow for granting and revoking of access for compliance team, staff and clients.


Consolidate your reports, documents and data in one place. Modernise your legacy workflows with Leo.


Leo offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and secure documents transfer.


User friendly interface guides you through templates built on a question and answer format which automatically generate compliance risks.


Links with Outlook and your calendar for email notifications and task planning.

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What our clients say

LeoTech has proved to be a highly efficient and intuitive centralised compliance resource for both our internal employees and our external clients. The ability to customise LeoTech has enabled us to deploy the software in specific areas where our business was in need of automation and increased efficiency.

Cameron Houghton BROOKLANDS Fund Management

We particularly appreciate the efficiencies around workflows and the record keeping functionalities of all the modules, which enables us to have easy access to historic data with a clear audit trail. The system is also used to host our Compliance manual and policies centrally so we can ensure staff are always referring to the latest versions.

The system is very flexible and can be tailored to a firm’s individual requirements –we worked with the team at Leo to develop new workflows and recently worked together on producing enhanced MI data, which has been well received.

Richard Taylor, Compliance ManagerEvenlode Investment Management Limited

Leo, a compliance solution built by people who know about compliance.

Leo not only does the heavy lifting, in the right hands it can dot the i’s and cross the t’s. The Leo platform makes real-time compliance scalable against a backdrop of increased regulatory obligations that demand a bespoke approach.

Toby Campbell-GrayStrata Global

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