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EU 24/05/23
The GDPR’s 5th Anniversary: Top 3 Lessons

1.What is GDPR’s biggest misconception? 2.Why should SMEs care about the GDPR if regulators seem to be focussing on the big tech companies?...

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Global 27/04/23
Do not get caught out! EU/UK-US Data Transfers in Muddy Waters

If you are a US business offering goods or services in the EU or UK, and you used to rely on the Safe...

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EU 26/04/23
FRANCE: AFG White Paper “Technological innovations: what strategies for asset management companies?” – Key take-away points

The Association Française de la Gestion (AFG) released a white paper[1] on 2nd February 2023 after hosting an event on the same day

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UK 30/03/23
More Regulation = More Growth…? – The Government’s position explained and how to adapt to it

In the finance world, the prevailing opinion is more regulation = less growth. The dominating sentiment is that complying with regulations is time-consuming,...

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UK 02/03/23
The FCA cheers for the RegTech but does the industry?

The FCA engaged an independent firm to conduct a research among financial services (FS) firms to understand how the FS industry perceives RegTech...

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AMF: outsourcing of compliance controls effective 31st March 2023

The AMF made it clear to the businesses that although they outsource their compliance functions, they remain responsible for them and must stay...

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