Our clients

Leo provides a suite of compliance and risk tools to over 200 clients within the financial services sector – ranging from asset managers and brokers to payment processors and cryptocurrency start-ups.

Our wide experience and forward-looking technology is here ready to help you simplify and streamline your compliance workforce too.

Asset & Investment Managers

Leo’s regulatory experts have over a decade’s experience of aiding Asset and Investment Managers with their compliance obligations.


Several content specialists on the Leo team have worked in the Compliance Function at a Brokerage so are well placed to help implement Leo in your firm.

Corporate Finance

Leo has a wealth of tools that can assist with Corporate Finance firms looking to streamline their regulatory obligations.

Hedge Funds

Ensure that your Fund has the strongest possible controls to benefit your clients.

Investors (Family Offices)

Leo’s advanced tools can help you undertake an in-depth and robust Due Diligence on a potential fund.

Pension Funds

Ensure that all your compliance requirements for your fund are being met using our advanced tool.

Payment Services

Leo’s tools are highly customisable to fit any workflow that might be required within a Payment Services firm.


Leo’s mix of Regulatory expertise, and understanding of systems and technology, puts us in a great place to help streamline the ever-growing regulatory burden on crypto firms as the asset class becomes more institutionally recognised.

Compliance Consultancies

If you are looking to offer your clients a more streamlined and secure solution for their compliance requirements than email and attachments, Leo can help you implement a robust consultancy workflow to help save you time and benefit your clients.

Hosting Platforms

Leo can be implemented into a principal firm’s compliance workflow to streamline the onboarding of new clients and also keep track of all compliance obligations throughout the lifetime of that Authorised Representative relationship.