About Us

Leo was created by a group of compliance consultants with the aim of reducing the day-to-day regulatory burden on teams, allowing them to be more forward-focused – enhancing operational processes, anticipating new regulations, and honing strategic decisions.

About Us


Leo is developed by a committed team of in-house developers who work collaboratively with compliance experts to make sure the features and tools are as valuable as possible to the end user.


Our staff will help you create all your content. Leo draws on decades of experience in compliance, FCA approvals, AML/CFT requirements, operational due diligence and investment funds. Leo has a wealth of expertise in the creation of its content as well as in the development of new features.


Much of Leo’s evolution has come from close collaboration, both within our teams and also with strategic partners who provide new features and content, and allow Leo to be reactive and up-to-date with the latest global regulatory trends.

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