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UK 02/03/23
The FCA cheers for the RegTech but does the industry?

The FCA engaged an independent firm to conduct a research among financial services (FS) firms to understand how the FS industry perceives RegTech...

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AMF: outsourcing of compliance controls effective 31st March 2023

The AMF made it clear to the businesses that although they outsource their compliance functions, they remain responsible for them and must stay...

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Global 19/01/23
Why are companies crazy about Online training?

Online training has become incredibly popular in the last 3 years. COVID-19 pushed this to become the first source of training for companies.

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RegTech market in France

In the last two years, French RegTechs experienced unprecedented development as evidenced, in particular, by the increase in the sums raised during their...

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UK 18/01/23
UK vs USA: RegTech Edition

The economic differences have always been the biggest and most interesting ones. However, today we want to focus on other differences, notably what...

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