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UK 30/11/23
SM&CR: Accountability in an AI-enabled World

On the 9th of December 2023, it will be four years since the Senior Management and Certification Regime (SM&CR) became applicable to solo-regulated...

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EU 26/10/23
The AI Sliding Scale – A Tool or a Threat?

AI regulation feels unclear to say the least. We seek to delve into what has been done and what is intended to be done...

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UK 27/09/23
Cryptoasset Firms Brought Under UK Financial Promotion Regulations: A Comprehensive Analysis

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market over the past decade, with digital assets becoming increasingly mainstream, has caught the attention of regulatory...

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EU 31/08/23
GDPR Accountability: avoid fines, adherence is easier than you think.

While updating Leo’s privacy and GDPR governance modules in our RegTech Software we realised that one of the most important principals of GDPR-...

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UK 27/07/23
The FCA’s Consumer Duty: Implementation and What’s Next?

The FCA’s Consumer Duty comes into force this Monday, July 31st. The FCA will identify firms whose responses to the survey did not...

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Global 28/06/23
GDPR and AI crossroads: How to balance Data Privacy and AI Governance?

What’s happening? Everyone is talking about how to regulate AI. Though it looks like that’s all it is, just talks. Yet, on the...

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