Increase efficiency and save time with RegTech

At Leo, we know that compliance responsibilities continue to grow. That’s why we’ve created a tool that helps compliance professionals automate their repetitive tasks.

Leo provides you with the functionality to create reports, store data, track regulatory obligations, as well as manage all compliance tasks.

With automated notifications and an integrated calendar, Leo gives your compliance team the peace of mind they need to keep your company up to date with its obligations and adds strategic and business value to your compliance process.

Leo Key Features


Question-and-answer-style report formats for efficient monitoring.


Your internal control forms are generated automatically and each change is recorded in an audit trail.


Your internal control forms are generated automatically and each change is recorded in an audit trail.


Fully customisable to allow you to adapt the software to your company’s specificities as well as to your regulatory needs.


Our team makes sure that Leo continue to evolve as customer needs change.


Synchronised with Outlook, you will receive email notifications according to your settings.


Violations of regulatory requirements are automatically reported to compliance officers.


Multiple permission profiles to allow granting/revoking of access for the compliance team, employees and customers.

Leo Solutions

To help you find the solution that best meets your regulatory needs, we have organised our services into a number of modular solutions. You can also create your own using our template editor.

Leo for Regulated Firms

Leo organises and automates the compliance process of an AMF/ACPR regulated company in one centralised location. It can automate many of your repetitive tasks such as review of marketing materials or personal accounts dealings, as well as your internal controls, allowing compliance officers to focus on future business opportunities and regulatory developments.

Leo for Compliance Consultancies

Leo helps compliance consulting firms organise their compliance process and that of their clients, including internal controls and repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Leo for GDPR

Leo can help you structure your GDPR procedures and registers in compliance with the CNIL requirements. It is intended for all companies that hold data on French or European citizens. Automated GDPR reports and registers allow you to react quickly to incoming requests.

Build your own Leo Solution

If you’re not looking for an all-encompassing solution but feel you can benefit from some of Leo’s features, you can choose one or more of the modules below to build your own solution tailored to your needs.

  • Attestations
  • Registers
  • MLRO Report
  • Review of marketing materials
  • Template Editor
  • PA Dealing
  • Due Diligence
  • GDPR
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